About The Site

Hi everyone! Welcome to Kets.info. The concept for the site evolved from a desire to share info about some of the things that make life sweeter: art, music, shopping, style, travel, food and my enthusiast in always seeking the “new” and the best “deal/bargain”.

The site will merge my two worlds, NY and Vienna…providing tips on fashion, food, culture and fun.  I hope to deliver inspiration to people — the urban explorers, the fun-seekers, the trend-lover.

Talk to Me!

Let me know what's on your mind and what you would like to see more info on.

I’m calling on my most trusted sources (you) to give me the word on everything, from a great hotel that you stayed in or customer-friendly and good food restaurant to a cool bar.

Your feedback will play a vital part in shaping what I cover on the site —so let’s get to sharing.

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