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Alissa Baier-Wurawa trainer & owner of StudioA, Vienna
My romance with all things related to health and exercise started during my late teen upon finding out that I had inherited my dad’s gene for high cholesterol. He died after undergoing two open heart
surgeries at the ripe age of 41. Since then, exercising and healthy eating play a key role in my life. As a result, not only did my physical appearance changed, so did my life (in a very positive way).

First, I started jogging on a regular basis. I hated it. I then started listening to music while jogging and it made it enjoyable. To me, sport is the most natural and wonderful thing that one can do for their well-being. To keep my exercise routine varied, I always challenge my body by switching or trying new types of exercise. The latest one is the GYROTONIC® method. After a friend of mine vented about its wonder, I decided to visit
StudioA owed by the fitness instructor Mag. Alissa Baier-Wurawa.

In StudioA with our trainer Alissa Baier-Wurawa standing in the middle
The Gyrotonic method is a unique system of exercise offering similar benefits also derived from yoga, dance, gymnastics, swimming and t'ai chi. Gyrotonic is a complete system of exercising: it articulates your joints, improves the flow of energy through the body, stimulates acupuncture points, builds stamina and strengthen and improves health. Furthermore, it improves posture, leads to better coordination, lifts your spirits and gives you full spinal mobility.

Gyrotonic exercise systematically works the entire body. Exercises start with movements at the base of the spine and progress to the arms, neck and shoulders. Pulleys with straps are attached to your feet as your legs are stretched and strengthened, while at the same time encouraging movement in the abdominal muscles. Each class is one-on-one or duo, and lasts for about an hour. It takes at least five to ten sessions to understand the principles behind Gyrotonic. You need to be consistent with your sessions to see the benefits. Once a week is good, but twice a week is preferable.

Gyrotonic exercise is beneficial for just about anyone, including youngsters, those with arthritis and individuals seeking rehabilitation.

To find a teacher in your country, please log on to, the central website for everything there is to know about gyrotonic. Simply type in your postcode and the website will come up with a list of teachers and studios near you.

For further information on GYROTONIC® exercise in Vienna, please visit:
Gußhausstraße 7/1 – 4th district
Tel.: 0660 / 311 7810
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