Conversation With The Actor David Wurawa

David Wurawa is a professionally trained and award nominated actor who resides in Vienna. His ability to portray a spectrum of characters has gathered him rave reviews. He has an extensive and international body of work in film, television, radio and theater. The media and his peers describe him as a professional individual who is positive, proactive, creative and disciplined.
People who succeed (or try to) pursue their goals while living in a foreign country never fail to impress me. There's something admirable about their persistence, despite the hurdles that some of them are confronted with, for example, a foreign language. David is one of those people. I saw him a couple of months ago acting as a Roman priest in an Austrian TV series by the name of brunschlag (another version -  and speaking German.....quite entertaining and inspiring.

Some of my favorite movies that he acts in are 2020 by Trend Micro (full web series), NEW ORDER by Marco Rosson (Feature film, full movie) and VOID from NonPlus Film (short film, full version).

Tune in the video above to watch a lively conversation with the entertainer.
For more information on David’s work, please visit his website

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