Sharon Ehrlich – From NY to Vienna, how she reinvented herself

A native New Yorker, Sharon Ehrlich relocated to Vienna 15 years ago to follow her fiancé to his native city. At the time she couldn’t speak a word of
German and it seemed that her MBA in business administration and hospital management was nearly useless in her search for employment. She quickly came to the realization that she would have to “reinvent” herself and re-direct her career.  Membership in the local chapters of American Women’s Association and the Women’s Career Network played a key role in getting her started. The friendships and business contacts she developed supported her career shift and she eventually joined IBM remaining in their employment for 13 years in a variety of international job roles. Additionally, she took on an adjunct teaching position at the Vienna campus of Webster University.  

More than a decade later and feeling the need for yet another career “reinvention”, Sharon decided to turn her passion for baking cookies into a business and started 'Sharon’s cookies and more'. The concept is simple. She’s taken recipes for cookies and cakes from her childhood and upgraded them with exceptionally high quality ingredients (for example, 70% Belgian chocolate) that provide an unparalleled flavor that cannot be duplicated by large commercial producers. Her customers include corporations and large businesses, coffee houses, specialty shops and individuals looking for unique products for catered parties, gifts, celebrations, etc.
'Sharon’s cookies and more' is environmentally conscious and uses only 100% compostable packaging. Furthermore, the products are free of preservatives and additives.

At the moment, Sharon does all of the marketing, sales and baking herself and counts on friends and family to taste test all of her products. She’s currently developing a line of lactose free and vegan baked goods that will satisfy the needs of those with specific dietary requirements. Being lactose intolerant herself, she knows how challenging it can be to find moist and flavorful lactose free products. These new offerings are expected to become available by the end of this year. Currently, Sharon finds herself busy fielding questions and taking special orders for the Christmas holiday season.

Sharon lives in Vienna with her husband, young son and mother.
For more information about 'Sharon’s cookies and more' visit the following links:
Twitter: @ehrlich_sharon

Vienna, Oct. 3 2014

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