March - Alamande Belfor

Photo by Gerry F
Alamande Belfor is known to a lot of people in Austria; he is the guy on stage giving pointers, injecting energy, warning up and calming the nerves of over 15000 women and girls participating in the yearly Frauenlauf (Vienna’s ladies run). You might have seen him on the TV show Austria's Next Top Model or the second Star Mania Season on ORF.

A native of Holland, he has been living and working in Vienna since 1997.
He is a multi-talented professional - dancer, choreographer, dance Instructor and a coach to models, teaching them how to walk and sway on the Catwalk.

He has three children with his lovely wife Ianara. Together with a dedicated team, he produces commercials, and organizes cultural and fashion events. He also works as a creative director and choreographer for special VIP events; two of them, the prestigious Vienna Awards for Fashion & Lifestyle, and the legendary sport magazine Bikinigala. He heats up the scene and brings hot moves to
Photo by Thomas Kirschner
Austria (including Germany, Spain and Switzerland).

In 2008, Ianara & Alamande created the unique fitness and dance studio
BigsMile Club for adults, kids and teenagers. The club offers various types of classes for all age groups and interests - Hip Hop, Dancehall, Latin groove, jazz etc. Offered as well are camps for kids (sport and fun camp for as little as 50 Euros), workshops, private dance lessons and personal fitness training upon request.

In 2011, the dance program was extended to other fitness clubs in Vienna, offering first-class dance courses for enthusiasts of all ages.

Alamande is adept at detecting and developing talents. His goal is to give youngsters a base, from which they can evolve and make the leap to an international career. He and his brilliant team created special classes for overweight kids, whereby sport, movement, dance and fun are integrated. “Being aware and feeling secure about your body is a leap into confident grown-ups” says the dancer. One fun segment of the BigsMile Club is the BigsMile Kids & Teens Club, where kids and teenagers between the ages of 3-16 visit dance classes weekly for a semester, to then perform the act or choreography on stage in front of a wide audience. This event occurs twice a year (January and June).

He loves working with people and possesses a natural instinct for the state of ones’ body – he can feel whether you’re balanced or not. Body language is an important factor to him. As a bonus, he gives tips to his clients about nutrition.

For further information on activities offered by the club for adults and kids, please visit the company’s website For events production (BigsMile Productions), go to, and for his personal website, visit

So now, go get your grooves on…being a dance fanatic myself, so far, I’ve tried the Hip Hop and the Latin groove
dance classes - I must admit that they were damn good!

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