Michael Johann
 "A company is only as good as your employees" is the base foundation in our furniture workshop of a highly motivated and a well-coordinated team of professionals and apprentices.
Michael Johann took over the interior design firm from his father in 1994 with the aim of designing and manufacturing furniture of the highest quality. Founded in 1932 as a chair and stool carpentry, MÖBELWERKSTATT has since been upgraded from being a small workshop in a basement, to a modern and upscale company, renowned for its furniture and interiors of a superlative quality with innovative design. 
Over the years, MÖBELWERKSTATT has developed a national reputation for creating furniture that represents Austrian craftsmanship at its very best, with the ethos to fuse contemporary design into the company’s exquisite custom made products, providing top end solutions of high merit. In particular, MÖBELWERKSTATT is known for its imaginative use of wood, using a balance of traditional and modern techniques to achieve ultimate results whether for an individual piece or an entire room. The woods and veneers span from the traditional walnut, oak and sycamore to the bold and exotic Bubinga and Makassar ebony, complemented with other materials, surfaces and finishes. 

The most striking aspects of Michael Johann’s work are his ability to create a wonder out of a miniature space – be it a bed fitted into a walk-in-closet that serves as an extra bedroom, the design of a toilet floor with stones and glass to give you the feeling of being in another sphere, or the fitted and hidden drawers in a small studio, allowing space to room about. 

has also worked on a number of exciting brand partnerships, including a limited edition of
an ornamental case for OVAL Vodka . Bespoke commissions undertaken by the company have ranged from individual domestic pieces such as dining tables, beds and cabinets to entire interior design. Commercial projects  have included offices, shops and bars.

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