Essentials For Every Woman

A black pantsuit
A softer neutral suit with pants or skirt (gray, brown, khaki, or navy)
3 pairs of neutral trousers
3 winter-weight skirts
3 summer-weight skirts
3 cotton button-front shirts
3 blouses (silk is always better, it also looks better )
2 dressy tops (for evening)
Leather jacket
Trench coat
3 pairs of jeans (all hemmed to different lengths for flats, heels, and sandals)
Black dress
Solid-color dress
6 sweaters (3 neutral, 3 color, and varied necklines: crew, V-neck, and cardigan)
3 blazers (1 summer weight, 1 three-season weight, 1 winter weight)
¾ length wool coat
Black bag
Brown bag
Color or print bag
Black pumps
Black boots
Brown boots
Black flats

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