Hair Washing-Curly Hair

To care for curly hair, washing is important, but washing everyday can strip the hair of its natural oils, which are the best way to keep your curls healthy.
It is a good idea to use a shampoo and a conditioner that is designed specifically for curly hair and that is full of moisturizers but also has frizz reducers.
  • Work shampoo through the scalp and let the suds run through the rest of the hair.
  • Apply conditioner to the mid lengths of the hair and then work it down to the ends. If the hair is especially dry, apply more conditioner to the ends and comb it through the hair.
  • Always use warm water to wash the hair. Hot water will dry curls out.
  • Using a deep moisturizing treatment once a week will keep curls strong without going frizzy and a hot oil treatment once a month will add vitality and shine. Blotting the hair with paper towels to soak up excess water is a great way to dry without causing frizz and a wide-tooth comb is the best styling tool.

    Suggested hair products for biracial kids' hair and tight curly hair: TO COME..Pls check later!

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