How to Walk in High Heels

Sashay, sway and stride your way confidently in those heels……Yes, it looks easy – but the truth of the matter is, certain shoes (for ex. Stilettos and sky high platform shoes) require some knack.

I love wearing heels. I’ve been wearing them before I was even a teenager. I would never
forget when I was about 12 years old, and the school’s director (a stern nun. I was attending a catholic girls only school back then) summoned me to her office just to tell me that the shoes I was wearing were inappropriate, because of the itsy tiny heels. I winced and since parked them in the closet.

Have I had any memorable accidents?—yes, a few. In high school, I once owed a fierce pair of snow boots with thick, high wooden heels, and fur inside. Snow, slit, ice…it did not matter to me…I continued wearing them, even after falling down one morning while getting on the bus on the way to school. Another incident occurred one day during peaked rush hour. I was going down the steps of the subway station in New York, speeding as usual, when all a sudden the heel of the right foot of my designer boots came loose and this cute guy picked it up and handed the heel out to me in a gallant way. I still had to commute all the way home with one heeled shoe.

The good news is there is a class in New York City that is teaching women how to walk in style. Although the tips in the videos links referred to below include some great tips on how to walk in high heels, three tips that are exceptionally good are: pulling in your tummy as you walk, tilting the pelvic slightly forward (but not in an exaggerated way, since you’re not walking down a runway), and relaxing your shoulders (back) with the chest slightly forward.

So ladies, go strut your way stylishly while looking coyly sexy in those cute pumps of yours. Everyone can use a little refresher course once in a while. Click on!

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