Are you looking for a good tailor and need a reference? Do you want to have a garment fixed, altered, replicated? What about a custom-made shirt or suit? Below are a few shops where I and people from my entourage recommend. As usual, Ket’s is about providing references to places and services that have been frequented.

KUHN Maßkonfektion
(custom made clothes- shirts, blouses, suits etc.)
Landskrongasse 1-3, Corner Bauernmarkt, 1st district/ +43 1 535 0659

Gloriette Wien
(custom made shirt for men
and women. Also sells polo tops)
There are six locations in Vienna-1st, 2nd, 13th, 15th & 18th districts.

(Custom-made suits. They have 4 shops and an outlet in the 1st, 6th and 7th district)
Rotenturmstraße 5-9/L7, 1st district/ +43 1 676 707 88 06 (office only / no product inquiry)

Schneiderei Erlach
(Custom tailoring, alteration, textile and leather cleaning, color & style consultation. They also have 4 other locations in the 4th, 10th, 16th and 23rd)
Porzellangasse, 9th district/ +43 1 310 18 68

Maß- und Änderungsschneiderei Michael
(Custom tailoring and alteration)
Amerlingstraße 8, 6th district/ +43 699 10 00 9790

Zeki Sari Änderungsschneiderei
(Alteration of all type of  textiles including leather and fur. They also make curtains)
Gersthofer Straße 112, 18th  district/ +43 1 478 0762

Sahra Schneiderei
(Alteration of all type of  textiles including leather. They also make curtains)
Herbeckstr 69, 18th  district/ +43 699 19 69 0471

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