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Peryd Shou prints whatever you want on printable surfaces (metal, cloth, lamp, pantyhose, ceramics etc.) ... and most of it in just 30 minutes. The print shop which started in 2005 as an online business by Lukas Hernfeld (a professional photographer), offering artists a platform to express their creativity by sellingT-shirts exclusively, opened its first shop three years later in Zollergasse, Vienna, and expanded its products range - bags, shirts, lampshades, canvas art and even tea sets with unique prints that are very imaginative.

Motif from Peryd Shou

Ket & her son Noah @ Peryd Shou
Clothes with words on them are the latest fad these days- although not such a new fad, it’s just more en vogue these days. So why wear someones slogan on your
T-shirt when you can have your own one made? You can add whatever slogan or picture you choose on it. If you’re short of ideas, the store also has its owncollection of humorous and odd designs for T-shirts and canvas art. The price range for printing on a T-shirt varies between 30-40 Euros (including the T-shirt).

At the entrance of the store is a little living room like atmosphere space, with funky antique chairs where you can sit and sip a drink from the store's mini-bar, while waiting for your purchased item (s).

Motif from Peryd Shou
Since Christmas is just around the corner, you might want to check out the store for some fun gifts ideas. Explore its website (and Facebook page) to find out the sort of events that goes on in the store.

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Peryd Shou Print Boutique, Zollergasse 9-11; +43 1 522 46 70; www.perydshou.com

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