MILKFLOWER—Astoria Queens (NY)

Nestled in the continuous foodie thriving block of Astoria Queens, is Milk flower pizzeria which lays just a short train ride over the 2nd Ave bridge on the N or Q trains to the Broadway.
One sunny Sunday afternoon, a former colleague and I decided to have lunch there. A super friendly hostess guided us through the intimate, rustic interior setting, bypassing a giant brick wood fired oven, with an abundance supply of stacked wood nearby. We opted to sit in the rear outdoor garden – giving us an intimate view of the interior, which extends to the outer space. My colleague opted for cold beer, me San Pellegrino. We toasted to a lovely Sunday afternoon, and with unapologetic appetites ordered a mixed of things to share, savoring each and every incredible bite, of fresh rustic deliciousness.

To wrap up the wonderful experience, we gave a big tip to the waitress for the great and attentive service, super delicious food and causal charming atmosphere.
Astoria has long been known as an up and coming culinary haven for new chefs, food enthusiasts and artists alike, who have found a welcoming and kindred spirited community throughout Astoria. It boasts its own magazine, local history, waterfront park, global bakeries, the famous Astoria beer gardens, well known published writers, food festivals, theatre thespians, wine culture, and outdoor farmers markets.

It’s also home to a very exciting blend of its own cultural Mecca (Americans, Greeks, Eastern Europeans, Turks, North African/Middle easterners, Brazilians, Koreans and Japanese) - making the community a delightful explosion of restaurants, cafes, food markets and rich cultural exchange. Spending a day or evening in Astoria, off the beaten track of Manhattan, is such a refreshing and local experience, giving you the feeling of local comfort and further encourages you to expand your New York journeys to other super hip, artistically creative and a culturally authentic outer borough.

34-12 31st Ave, Astoria, New York /718-204-1300

"Hip, rustic choice for gourmet wood-fired pizzas, Italian small plates, salads & craft beer"By Dondrill Glover- Moustafa 

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