Make Someone’s Dream a Reality!

Charity isn't about pity; it’s about love and caring. Besides seeking happiness, one of life’s purposes is to live a meaningful life - being useful, ethical and compassionate, to make a difference in someone’s life. Statistics show that one’s life enriched when they help others.

One way you can show generosity, is by helping to fulfil the dreams and wishes of others by supporting SOCIAL FRIENDS, a non-profit organization based in Vienna, Austria.  The organization
helps young people with disabilities to kick start their dreams and fulfils their athletic goals of becoming professional athletes. The organization’s motto is to build a community that will serve as a model for future disabled athletes, aiming to develop a stand-alone and sustainable organization that supports young disabled people.

Some of SOCIAL FRIENDS’ initiatives are for example, taking care of disabled athletes’ PR activities through comprehensive event coverage,  setting up and maintaining their homepage as well as providing financial support by for example  financing race fees or providing new sport equipment.

In less than two years since its creation, SOCIAL FRIENDS has managed to make a difference in some hopeful disabled athletes’ lives. In 2014, it was awarded with “the Social Impact Award 2014”. In 2015, Patrick Bitzinger, a blind double state champion in tandem driving, got his own homepage through the organization Furthermore, numerous SOCIAL FRIENDS disabled athletes celebrated national and international triumphs- Thomas Frühwirth became the Ironman World Champion, despite being paralyzed in a wheelchair and Veronika Aigner was elected junior athlete of the year, by Austria’s Disabled Sports. The work of SOCIAL FRIENDS has a powerful impact, not only on the eight young disabled athletes they’re currently representing and supporting, but also the disabled athlete’s community as a whole. It gives them hope and inspiration among other positive attributes. Additional service provided by SF is bringing in celebrity supporters, e.g. Marcel Hirscher, Toni Polster and Claudia Riegler( among others), to increase the organizations’ visibility as well as athletic sport for people with disabilities. However, the organization is completely reliant on charitable donations. SOCIAL FRIENDS can only continue providing their services and take in more disabled athletes, through donations. Small or Big - every single donation helps.

Become part of SOCIAL FRIENDS through your active support (either through donations or voluntary activities) for a young community of disabled athletes who are passionate about sports. Let us make dreams come true!

For further information on how you can make a difference, please visit SOCIAL FRIEND’S website

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