Charming Charlie, where have you been all my life!

The other day, I stepped out of a gloomy, rainy New York City afternoon, and into an accessory lover’s daydream.
This week, the new Charming Charlie flagship store opened on Fifth Avenue and 39th street across from Lord and Taylor. This store is a wonderland of fanciful costume jewelry, handbags,
watches and other playful accessories, all arranged in groups by color. Ocean blues, citrus yellows, coral pink, red white & blue for the stylish and patriotic; and of course black and white (this is New York after all).

I’m sure there’s a scientific study somewhere that says color lifts your mood. And at Charming Charlie – you are guaranteed two whole floors of instant cheer. Equally cheerful is the price point. Necklaces are around $16 - $20, and handbags range from $25 - $40.

The store’s visual layout makes these adornments look more expensive than they are. Most of these items will only last about a season --but that’s okay if you’re looking for something cute to wear on a weekend beach vacation, or to a party.

By the way, they have clothes too—but I was so mesmerized by the jewelry I didn’t take notice of the tops, sundresses and small sweaters—also arranged in groups by color. You can get a little shot of “Happy” online as well at

Have a charming summer!
Jill Davis Kone, Ket’s contributor from New York, June, 2015


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