The Austrian costume designer Su Sigmund is currently busy designing the costumes for an upcoming opera named "Mathis der Maler" for the Staatstheater in Mainz Germany. However, last year she expanded the products under her label SuBags by infusing art in the following items - scarves, ties, glasses etui and clothes – all designed with real artwork just like the bags.

The materials used for the clothes and scarves vary from silk, wool. cotton and jersey. Yep, they can be washed just like your regular clothes. The prices range from €180 upwards for the dresses.

Su is interested in forging cooperation with other merchants worldwide (boutiques, department stores, online stores) and sales agents. Should you be interested, please contact her.
Some of the bags by Su are pictured in a recent article by Forbes.com entitled '5 Reasons To Visit Vienna in 2017', under no. 5.

Also, should you be interested in attending future events by Subags (fashion shows, art exhibitions, sales events), please send her an email with your contact details.
The paintings are available for sale as well per appointment at her studio.
mail: su.sigmund@gmx.at
Tel: +43 676 60 36 186
Boutique: KettenbrĂĽckengasse 14, A- 4th district
Atelier & Showroom/Wehrgasse 15/ 2A -5th district

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