Bahati-villa, Zanzibar (photographed by Pauline Marcelle)
I met Susanne Nebel, an Austrian citizen at work seven years ago. I knew that she called Tanzania her second home, however, little did I know about the extent of her development work in Zanzibar, until I travelled there and saw its impact.

Safi Sana Sansibar Women's Group - Susanne Nebel standing next to the three ladies on the right side
One of her current projects in Zanzibar is empowering women and young girls, by providing them with tools, which will enable them to earn a living and be more independent. When faced with divorce or abandonment, the majority of the women in the villages must return back to their parents' home to help them out with their subsistence. She started a women empowerment program called "Safi Sana Sansibar group" - whereby the women are learning how to sew and improve already existing sewing skills. The women are producing handbags and home textiles from beautifully colored African fabrics. The aim is to sell quality products to tourists on the Island and if successful export them to Europe. You can follow the progress of the women's group on their Facebook page. I will inform you in the future via kets.info about where to find Safi Sana’s products in Austria.
I was also impressed by how much Susanne cares on a personal level for her employees. For instance, they are sent to English language school and she takes care of their medical needs.

Susanne's villa is located in a prime area in Zanzibar, right on the beach. It’s what I call paradise on earth. It is an idyllic place for singles, couples, and family alike. Should you decide to head there for a chilled vacation, I highly recommend staying at Bahati-villa; not only because of its comfort and beauty, but also because its owner is supporting a valuable cause.

Bahati House, P.O. Box 1390
Jambiani, Zanzibar
Web: http://www.bahati-zanzibar.info/bahati/

E-Mail: welcome@bahati-zanzibar.info
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/safisanagroup
Phone: +255-24-2233731 / +43 664 248 0505

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